Tatting Videos


Here you go ladies, off to Tatting School

Tatting is the perfect lace to add to the ends of our purificators and this is a great series of videos to get us through the basics of learning this craft. Just brace yourselves for the often painful learning curve of this lace making technique. It has been known to produce snarls and bald spots. These can be mitigated if you get chummy with Our Lady the Undoer of Knots.

If you can muscle through you will find that it is gloriously fun and very therapeutic. Be careful though, in some cases severe addictions have developed.

And if you need a shuttle, Lacis has a great selection. You’ll want to click on the ‘Needlework 
Techniques’ category and go to the bottom where they have the tatting supplies. Prices range from $3 to $100 (and that one is very lovely, but not that lovely). Here's a nice horn one for $18


Hobby Lobby has a decent selection. I’m partial to their mother of pearl ones. They have a really nice feel to them.


You can also find some interesting shuttles with a little poking around on the web. Here’s one that I saw on Ebay made by a craftsman in the Ukraine. $22 and it’s yours. Seems there’s a bit-o-interest in this hobby of ours.


Here is a link to the tatting patterns that we use on our purificators.