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Small Crosses


These little crosses show up everywhere – purificators, stoles, amices, antimensions, altar cloths, vesperales...

Here are some examples to show how much variation you can do while still maintaining a simple small cross. Tasteful. Beautiful.


The Reversible Cross Pattern

Reversible Cross

We’ve come up with a reversible cross for our purificators. We don’t like it when the back side looks icky, and this is our solution.  You’ll want a magnifier, and make sure it's one of those that has the little inset bubble magnifier - and not just any bubble magnifier. We have two or three magnifiers that have the higher powered disk, but only one of them has a high enough power to comfortably count threads on fine linen. The one that works actually has a sharp edged lip around it on one side - think of those grade school kids you remember with the super thick glasses. This thing has an extra thickness, maybe 1/16" of extra magnification. Get that one.



Cross Pattern

PDF File

Then there’s this little gem

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