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Say hello to Saint Lucy

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

This goes under the category of ‘Weirdest Things That Show Up On Our Table’

simulacrum of Saint Lucy
A wax image or ‘simulacrum’ of Saint Lucy

Meet Saint Lucy...

...well, at least part of her.

This reliquary, or simulacrum, dates to 1740. Her head, hands and feet are at Broken Art getting some much needed restoration.

Our small part of the project is to replace her under dress and under sleeves which were ‘redone’ fairly recently with polyester and rickrack trim (oh dear...). We are using very old cream silk with a scalloped pattern that you can see in a couple of the photos. We’re trimming it with a simple metal braid that we took off of a very old chasuble, and then embellishing that by picking up one of the designs on her dress and repeating that along the edges of her sleeves and skirt using metal thread embroidery. The belt is also getting a desperately needed refurbishment by Eva. I’ll post more pictures when we have her *ahem* more together. I don’t even know what she looks like; flaming candles in her hair...eyeballs on a platter? She smells like mothballs. We’re kind of afraid to touch her.

See more of the details of this project here.

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