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St. John Cantius chasuble coming along

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

This year our parish, St. John Cantius, celebrates 125 years. Kind of a big deal that. We thought we would make a St. John Cantius chasuble in honor of the occasion. I am creating an embroidered orphrey using the image from the painting that hangs over the main altar. Other parts are being stitched by guild members including embellishments for the stole and maniple and an IHS for the front. We are putting some of our delicious silk thread to work in these pieces. It is absolutely wonderful to work with. Most of these colors are a double twisted silk. It's strong and stitches beautifully. It is very shimmery.

A number of years ago we contracted with a weaving house in Portugal to loom a fabric pattern for us in white and gold. Given the number of yards that needed to be ordered to make this feasible we had a solemn set made and several extra chasubles with some of the remaining fabric. One of those 'extra' chasubles will be retrofitted to become the St. John Cantius chasuble.

That October 20 deadline is looming so there is a bunch of mad stitching going on. It is superbly satisfying and we are enjoying the extended conversation that we have started with our dear patron saint.

Some of that conversation concerns our terror at the prospect of cutting this thing out. I wish I could pepper a stitching nun with questions.

  • Update

Yes, we did actually finish in time for the big day. Here are some pictures of the completed embroidery and chasuble.

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