Rory Duffy


Rory Duffy is a fifth-generation, Savile Row trained, award-winning master tailor located in Monaghan, Ireland. In addition to bespoke suit making, Rory has founded the Handcraft Tailor Academy, a school to train students in the art of fine tailoring. We may jump into some of his online courses to help us demystify the proper cut and construction of our ubiquitous cassocks. 


All of his videos are beautiful to watch, because there’s nothing like seeing perfection in action. Plus in some of his earlier videos he kind of looks like a pirate. And he’s sewing. That’s just totally cool for some reason. Be careful though because like me, you’ll probably want to just take a peek at some of his videos, and the next thing you know, you’ll have forgotten to get dinner for the family.


Of particular interest to us are his quick videos demonstrating a few sewing techniques and stitches. The needle and thimble section is especially helpful. Enjoy!