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Intercessory Sewing


The work of the St. Martha Guild is first and foremost in service to Jesus Christ and St John Cantius Church. It is a unique opportunity to tangibly express our love and devotion to Him and to thank Him for the immeasurable gifts of the Priesthood and the Mass.

In pouring our time and ourselves into this work we also offer it as a quiet sacrifice for several intentions:

First, as an intercessory act for the Canons who will utilize the pieces we create or repair. This is an easy and obvious intention as one of the precepts of the Church, and because our priests need our prayers what better way to pray for them than in word and deed simultaneously.

Second, in reparation and to implore mercy for the sins of the world, especially those sins committed against the Sacred, and particularly the Blessed Sacrament. It seems logical to create and repair beautiful things to directly counteract sacrileges committed against our Lord in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

Third, to implore mercy for our own sins and/or any other personal intentions.

There is deep sense of joy and peace in offering our time and energy to this work. It is truly nourishment for the soul that draws us to closer union with the sacrifice of the Mass. This work calls and reminds us to continually offer prayer and sacrifice for the innumerable gifts God bestows on us each day. It brings us closer to Calvary and, hopefully, the eternal happiness for which our souls yearn.

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