Fabric ~ Galloons ~ Lace


Vogue Fabrics, located in Evanston, IL, has an extensive selection of luxury fabrics and trims. It’s well worth the trip up there.

718 - 732 Main Street
Evanston, Illinois 60202
847 - 864 - 9600

Mondays and Thursdays - 9:00 - 9:00
Tues., Wed., Fri., Sat. - 9:00 - 5:30
Sundays - 12:00 - 5:00


Elizabeth Morgan’s website, Church Linens and Vestments, offers a nice line of fabrics for ecclesiastical sewing. CLV is also a great source for excellent linen. We ordered some from her to make our purificators.


The rest of the site is full of wonderful tips and techniques that you’ll want to add to your knowledge base. Her book, Sewing Church Linens, is a must-read too. It is listed in greater detail on our Tutorials page.


La Lame offers a wide line of fabrics and trim for Ecclesiastical sewing. Their website is kind of icky though. You can get to their catalog below and here is their price list. Note that there are usually many colors not pictured in the catalog, but listed in the descriptions. At least they have super helpful people taking phone calls.


Get your fabric straight from Rome from Vaticanum. I particularly love the beautiful greens and violets of some of their fabric choices. They also have a nice selection of galloons.


Katia Ogan, who I believe hails from Russia, has a great selection of fabrics via an Ebay store. This is a good source for brocade fabric and galloons. Her prices are very nice too.


Fabric Wholesale Direct has a metallic brocade fabrics at ridiculously low prices. Their silks might be worth a look too.


Our priests greatly prefer to have a lining that isn't made of that slick polyester. Something with a little bit of tooth keeps their chasubles from sliding around during Mass.


Tradition Ecclesiastical Tailoring offers a beautiful selection of liturgical lace, fabric, galloons and linen.


This took a bit of digging but we finally found cassock brush. This goes along the hem of winter cassocks to keep the fabric edge from wearing through. It hangs just below the edge and takes the beating instead. It is a very thin fringe and works like a charm. We had been sewing on grosgrain ribbon to achieve this protection. This is better. It is a traditional Polish improvement, which is where we found it finally. The company is Ars Sacra.


Textile Discount Outlet is by far my favorite fabric store in Chicago. It’s a little hard to explain. It’s BIG, like three-floors big, like there’s-too-much-fabric-to-look-at big. It’s a hedge maze of yard goods in a really old factory building with creaky wood floors. It’s staffed by guys sporting tattoos named Angel. The prices are great too, really great! Wear comfortable shoes and bring along your GPS in case you need some help getting back to the front door. Be forewarned that this establishment is not open on Saturday. Their phone is (773) 847-0572

They also have the best address ever!

2121 W. 21st Street, Chicago, IL 60608

You can visit their website below but it’s not nearly as much fun.