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Seamstress of Nazareth


The Seamstress of Nazareth

Teach us your art, for Mother dear,
     Your gentle hands once made
Those swaddling clothes the Christ Child wore
     When in the manger laid,

You hemmed cloths for the frugal meal
     With which you were content–
Because of His Presence Divine
    ’Twas like a Sacrament.

You sewed the fleecy coverlets
     Upon His lowly bed
Where moonbeams made a halo bright
     Around His curly head.

You made this garments, which when touched,
     Cured many as he passed;
And those Roman soldiers took
     When jeering lots they cast.

Teach us to fashion Altar cloths
     And all small linens bring.
Required for the sacrifice
     Of our Sacramental King

Troella V. Mills

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