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Embroidery Supplies


We’ve purchased beautiful Japanese gold thread from the Hauser Gallery. They often have the hard to find antique skeins – the real deal.


We began couching this amazing river of gold onto a purple velvet Gothic vestment set. It is absolutely wonderful to work with, although Rumplestiltskin references were flying a bit thick.


I am looking everywhere in this website builder to find the scratch and sniff module but I am not having any luck. I am so very sorry. You’ll have to wait until your package comes in the mail.

This is the amazing beeswax that we use to condition our thread. We also use it for some pretty serious aroma therapy. It smells like church and bees together. Michele shared half of her one pound chunk of golden loveliness with us and it is now crisscrossed with thread lines. There are very strong notes of frankincense that come wafting out of the box. That smell makes me want to follow their bees around to see what they are pollinating.


We get many of our gold threads from Berlin Embroidery. The have a great selection of gold work supplies, tools and kits.


Garibaldi’s Needle Works is another source that we’ve used for goldwork supplies. They also have an Amazon storefront if you have that free shipping thing going.


We’ve heard good things about Superior Threads Kimono silk. If you can’t get to Architectural Artifacts to get some of their delicious spools of silk thread you can tap into this source.

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