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Our Favorite Cupboard

Updated: Feb 4

This is purely about eye candy, with a little back story. Br. Joseph just mentioned in passing that he had noticed some 'troughs' (!) of silk thread at the antique shop that the Canons are known to haunt. Stuart at, Architectural Artifacts, likes to rummage up old church stuff for his store, so our guys check in with him periodically to see if there is something that needs to come move in with us at Saint John Cantius.

I was unprepared for the WOW of this place. And yes, they did have a lot of silk thread. 24,000 spools in fact. Troughs of it. The spools came from a tassel factory that had gone out of business. Stuart talked about exploring this really old factory with some of his employees, figuring out what they wanted to bring back to their showroom. They found the dying rooms.


Powdered dye.

Some kind of colorful fight broke out. Nobody is owning up to starting the fracas.

In any case, Michele and I climbed into troughs and brought a whole rainbow of joy back to our sewing room. This thread is beautiful, luminous, and most of it seems quite healthy. Our affection for it all grew when we took on a recent restoration project and found that we had nearly every color needed.

That cupboard is a delightful corner of our room. Every once in a while, when we are stitching with this beautiful thread, we contemplate the interesting fact that Jesus made worm spit so we could embroider holy things with great beauty. Amazing!

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